Rangnick reveals the main reason why Manchester United’s performance 

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Rangnick reveals the main reason. Why Manchester United’s performance fell into the top four

Ralph Rangnick admits his inability to build a team spirit was a key reason why Manchester United ‘s poor performance slipped out of the top four in the Premier League before closing. season. According to the UFABET.

The German boss took over from Ole Gunnar Solskjaer as the team’s performance was deteriorating. With the goal of bringing the team to quota UEFA Champions League. But ultimately did not succeed. Which is referred to as revealing the main cause. Which is what makes him feel very disappointed that

“Since we lost to Atletico Madrid. We have never been able to return to the same form of play. We were in solid form before. have a better defensive game But then we lose our confidence and energy.”

“To build a team spirit and unity. It has to be done with confidence. This is what disappointed me the most. Because we can’t create a team spirit. But I still firmly believe that we have core players who are top players and are good enough to play for this club,” said Rangnick.

Unlike most other interim managers, Rangnick’s connection with United will not end. When he relinquishes his duties this summer.

The German coach will move into a consultancy role. When his coaching contract ends.