Sicbo Formula Medium Risk

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Sicbo Formula Medium Risk

The level of challenge in playing Sicbo here will be a little more by betting on specific numbers from 1-6 to any number. The payout rate will be at 1:1, but the special it will be that the payout rate will increase if the next dice come out of the same number, for example, if 2 same numbers are drawn, it will pay 2 : 1, the same 3 balls, the payout rate is 3. : 1 except online casinos Some owners may pay as much as 12 : 1 if all 3 of the dice are on the same face. The formula that we will use is

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Formula 5 Rum 1

Many people may think that betting on specific 6 numbers will give you more chances to win. It’s true, but it’s definitely not worth it. Therefore, we will use only 5 numbers to bet on. Let’s say we bet 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6, leaving 5 behind.

  • If all three dice come out on different faces as we bet, we get 1 unit of profit.
  • Two duplicate dice We won’t waste is equal to capital
  • If all three dice are on the same face will only get the capital back. But there may be some that pay as much as 12 : 1, this one we will have a profit of 9 units.

Although this formula is a bit less profitable. There is still a chance to lose and win half by half. But if we use the Fibonacci formula. Which is a fix money formula, comes to the rescue. It will give the opportunity to make more profits. And if anyone has enough capital. They may use the Martingale formula to help reduce the risk as well.