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Benefits of guava that is more than high in vitamin C

Guava is a fruit rich in vitamins, especially vitamin C and vitamin A , which are 4 times more than lemons,making guava valuable in building resistance to colds as well. And there is also Eating guava to lose weight because eating guava Does not add weight due to low energy content So you

Exercise to your age.

Exercising regularly In addition to helping to have good health and a strong body. It is also beneficial to various organs of the body such as the heart, bones, joints, muscles, skin, brain and memory. It also makes exercisers have a clear mind. and can sleep fully rested This is

How To Eat The 5 Main Food Groups For Good Health

The 5 main food groups are important nutrient groups that should be consum each day. It consists mainly of carbohydrates and protein, while vitamins, minerals, fats, and other nutrients are need in small amounts. But it’s equally important. Because they all help the body to function at its