The start of Liverpool title chase

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The start of Liverpool title chase

Liverpool have a key game at Arsenal Emirates Stadium on the night. After they found out the results of Premier League rivals Manchester City on Monday.

One point from Selhurst Park leaves the Reds just four points clear of City. They have a game in hand against City. The Gunners 1 match. Which if able to collect 3 points will leave only one point gap from 29 games play.

Who would believe that the situation will reach this point. Despite the fact that when the New Year’s Eve team, the Blues sailed shortly. After leaving Liverpool, the kind that the swan children had already given their championship to report from UFABET

Back in the 21st game in early January. At that time, Pep Guardiola’s side were 10 points clear of runners-up Chelsea. Third-placed Liverpool by 11 points. Who many thought they would easily win the title.

In the following game in the 22nd match. City opened home to beat the Blues. Making the gap 13 points further. But it was the moment that the Reds were able to successfully pass to second place instead. But the points were still far apart. The ten digits are good, the more it reinforces that the champion will definitely stay at the Etihad Stadium.

However, after 7 games of The Sky Blues have won four. Drawn two and lost one, while Liverpool, like a hot machine, have picked up three points in eight games in a row since January 16. Which has put the points on the hook this week.

Before that, Jurgen Klopp admit. That If they’re hoping for a second Premier League title and a 20th league title. They’ll have to hope for Manchester City to make some mistakes. And they’ll have to do their best. But when the situation turned back to a gap of only 4 points. And had the right to have 1 point like this, the German boss believed that It all depends on them.

Keep in mind that the pair are scheduled to meet at the Etihad Stadium on April 10. Which could be the deciding match of the season. But before thinking that far, they need to get the 3 points in London tonight.

Jamie Carragher believes that if his former team were to beat Arsenal. It would greatly affect the mental state of the City players. As no one would have thought that from a 10-point lead two months ago. They would be left with just one point. at this time

Then the next game will be against Watford and it will be a decisive match against Manchester City at the Etihad. Where if Liverpool visit with a gap of just one point, anything can happen.

So the three points at London away tonight are not just the three that fill the gap to just one. But the three that will put pressure on the leaders to play their next game. Because they will not be able to miss again

As for Liverpool, this is the start of their full pursuit of a second Premier League title.