Rio: Even if Man Utd have Mbappe & Haaland, they won’t be able to win the league.

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Rio: Even if Man Utd have Mbappe & Haaland, they won’t be able to win the league.

Manchester United legend Rio Ferdinand has insisted that even the Red Devils, Including Kylian Mbappe and Erling Haaland. Are not strong enough to win the Premier League. England

“I’ve heard a lot of people seriously analyzing. How many years it will take Manchester United to win the Premier League again. Which many gurus have decided that it is a clear number. But trust me, you guys can’t guess right,” Rio told UFABET.

“Currently, Manchester United has a number of structural problems that need to be resolved first. First and foremost is to find a new manager that really fits your club once you find the right coach. That’s like piling up a structure. Then look at the likelihood of success within a few years.”

“But along the way, there is still a lot to do. Both the foundation Instill a philosophy of play and club culture in every player. Look for new players that fit the coach’s plans. It may take up to three years for these small details to come into shape.”

“Remember, Manchester United have been away from winning. The league for eight years since Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement and so far. I haven’t seen any sign we are moving closer. More champions than ever.”

“And when analyzing the investment in buying. Additional players over the past period Look at the names of the players we have up to the current set. It doesn’t matter. If we buy a new football player with an expensive price? How high are the wages? How famous is it? Because if the team does not have a coach to bring out their full potential. Even with all 11 world-class positions, you can’t win the title.”

“So if anyone is imagining that if Mbappe and Haaland choose to move to Manchester United, then our team will definitely win trophies, then stop thinking about it first. because if there is still a deep rooted problem like this Even if there are two people. Who say we can’t win the championship anyway.”