Pep confirms the result of the Manchester City draw with Chelsea was fair and good.

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Pep Guardiola the Manchester City manager, confirmed that the 4-4 draw with Chelsea was considered fair for both teams.

“It was a great talk and a fun game of the Premier League. And both teams want to win. I don’t think any different because Chelsea have a great team and players.

“We know they will always play well against top teams. We are in that game. It’s hard to control. And they used the quality of Cole Palmer and Mikailo Mudrik UFABET Manchester City

“With players who are good at dribbling and running, it is difficult to control the game. They are aggressive.”

“We had the momentum (during the game) of changing tempo from defense to attack a couple of times in one-on-ones where we couldn’t finish. But the game was in that moment until the end.”

“It was an intense game. But the results were fair. I would like to congratulate the team. We enter the break. And we have already qualified for the Champions League. We will come back (after the international break) and move on.”

Asked if he would have preferred a 1-1 draw, Pep replied: “It is what it is. I would love to win 7-0 but it doesn’t happen at their level (Chelsea), who are a great team.

“I don’t know the average. (The effort on goal) but at the end of the day both teams tried to do it and do what they needed to do.”