Klopp hails Arnold’s defensive form after keeping Martinelli out of action

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Klopp hails Arnold’s defensive form after keeping Martinelli out of action

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has praised Trent Alexander-Arnold. The right-back is key in defending impressively. He manage to frustrate Gabriel Martinelli in last night’s 2-0 win over Arsenal.

For the big game that has just ended Having said that. It’s something very fierce. Because both Arsenal and Liverpool fight like no one. Especially in the middle of the field. Crushing each other with intense tactical tactics until they fight each other.

Another highlight that made the football fans. Extremely excite was the attack from the left flank of the artillery with Martinelli’s youngster serving. To slither into the goalkeeper’s mouth. Visit Which must be admit. That they do well and have a chance to win almost every beat Unfortunately. Trent Arnold’s defense could not be broken down decisively.

“Anyone watching the game live. Would find it uncomfortable and suffocating to sit in the chair. Arsenal and Liverpool both fought fiercely in midfield to gain more possession than their opponents,”

said Klopp. P told UFABET.

“Of course, any game that comes out is this style. It takes a lot of patience to wait for the right moment than usual. And if you lose your focus to the point of lack of discipline for just a second. It can immediately lead to a huge disadvantage.”

“However, I would like to commend Alexander-Arnold that his fight against Martinelli was unbelievably impressive. So if anyone comes to tell me that Trent is a defender who plays badly. I’ll knock it down! To be honest, his performance is something we couldn’t have asked for better.”