Arsenal hopeful defeat

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Arsenal hopeful defeat

After the game that Arsenal lost to Liverpool  2-0 in their own home, full of mixed feelings. But for the writer as an Arsenal fan, “anger” was not included in those emotions. After the long whistle

Two goals from Diogo Jota and Roberto Firmino taught the “Youngans” And made the world see. Why have they competing for the Premier League title over the years? This is the golden age of Liverpool. I believe that 2-3 years from now. It will still be like that. Of course alongside Manchester City, vying for the championship every year. Reported by UFABET

 The rest is the responsibility of other clubs. Whether it’s a big team, once big or new. How to make the Premier League unlike Scottish football. that only wins two clubs

Arsenal is one of the teams that want to get there again. The point where it was standing 18 years ago.

This game, Arsenal organized the largest army possible, only Takehiro Tomiyasu was injured, while Liverpool were not less than each other, although Mo Salah was on the bench, Diogo Jota came down again. This one is a badass for Arsenal and this game continues to reinforce the heartache with one key goal.

The first 45 minutes is a game full of tactical play. Arsenal have clearly changed, the 4-2-3-1 system is back again. After the game before choosing the 4-1-4-1 system at the start

The first half game, if not counting the first 5 minutes of him Liverpool had a chance to do 1-2 times, the rest was playing the ball with wit, survival and understanding of the game of both sides. Liverpool played squeeze. High-pressing area, switched to provide a back that puts the ball accurately, filling the game well with both Robertson and Alexander-Arnold. Alternately placing the ball across the defensive line. Arsenal part Adjusted the defensive game to 4-4-2 Erdegard, standing like a striker with Lacazette, got the ball, set the game for a counter-opportunity. Which did well in their own time. Liverpool may have more possession of the ball. But finishing with few shots.