Arsenal 0-2 Liverpool: Analysis of 5 issues after the game

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Arsenal 0-2 Liverpool: Analysis of 5 issues. After the game the Reds scored to stoke City. The chance to win the championship is wide open report by UFABET

1. Martinelli vs Trent

In the midst of a tense game. When both sides intercept opposite sides together. It turned out to be a duel between Gabriel Martinelli and Trent Alexander-Arnold. That is getting more and more fun As time passed

The Brazilian star used his agility and direct dribbling. Before making a sudden turn to defeat the full-back. liverpool time. After time Continuously building his self-confidence until. He almost gave his team-mates a chance to score in the second half

Martinelli ended the game with a record of 3/3 successful dribbles through opponents. The most on the field. Second only to Thomas Partey (4/4 times)

2. Vision Thiago

Thiago Alcantara almost had a nightmare when he sent the ball back after Alisson Becker missed the ball by Alexandre Lacazette, but the Brazilian goalkeeper still managed to make a super save. Preventing such a rhythm unbelievably early in the second half.

After a few moments, it becomes Thiago, who breaks the Killer Pass through the hole from the depths, sending Diogo Jota to lure Aaron Ramsdale’s target

. make a key pass (Passing the ball to a friend to chop the trigger) the most on the field 3 times, in addition to being the player who won the most tackles (5 times) and the most interceptions (4 times)

3. Saga, Hope, Big Gun, Silence

It became a game that Bukayo Saka could only support. Different from the leverage that can be done in previous games Evidently in the duel with Andy Robertson, the referee was

unable to dribble to defeat Robbo and was almost eliminated from the game, leaving Martinelli to drive another attack. bank To make matters worse, Saka was also the man who lost the ball in front of his own penalty area when he tried to counter-attack against Robertson, which became the source of the 1-0 goal, with Liverpool

Saka being right. Substituted eventually replaced by Nicolas Pepe in the 74th minute, but the Ivory Coast star could not make a difference either.

4. Even though Mikel Arteta’s team turned the crisis they experienced earlier in the season and soared up to the top four at this time. But what is the problem for The Gunners 22 August Arsenal 0-2

28 August Man City 5-0 Arsenal
20 November Liverpool 4-0 Arsenal
26 October Arsenal 3-1 Spurs
2 December Manchester United 3-2 Arsenal
January 1 Arsenal 1-2 Manchester City It’s

almost unbelievable that Arsenal have been defeated by such big teams in almost every match, only the London derby against Spurs has become. The impetus for shin, cannons, defeated the golden spur chicken army.

5. Squeeze down the neck-breathing champion

As a result of Liverpool’s (+55) victory in the game. They have spurred Manchester City (+50) at the top of the table to just one point at the end of their 29th match after the weekend. So far, City have only drawn goalless against Crystal Palace,

which is even more remarkable for the Red Machines back in January 15. They were 14 points behind City before the gap was narrow as Jurgen Klopp’s side won nine league games in a row. While Pep K’s men Guardiola has lost seven points between those nine games,

with the latter five in the clash between Manchester City and Liverpool at the Etihad Stadium on April 10.