Whether Vlahovic stays or goes depends on his form at the end of the season.

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The future of Juventus‘ Serbia striker Dusan Vlahovic depends on his form and performance in the final stages of the season.

Italian newspaper Calciomercato reports that. Vlahovic is still attracting interest from Premier League giants. who believes that the Serbian striker will regain his good form. While Juventus do not want to sell for less than 80 million euros.

With Arsenal and Chelsea still showing interest. Vlahovic does not want to pay the €80m mark that Juventus bought from Fiorentina the second time around. Last year, where the Bianconeri did not want to reduce the value during the trading market this summer.

If Vlahovich explodes in good form during the final arc of this season. It has the opportunity to return to be the main force in the Bianconeri team again. As well as the opportunity to move the team. That the Premier League club would be willing to pay a higher fee UFABET

For Vlahovic has scored 11 goals in 36 games including all items. But the performance counts only in 2023, only scoring 4 goals, 2 of which are goals in Serie A games. Disappointing the trainer Massimiliano Allegri and the Bianconeri supporters are huge.

Playing style.

For Dusan Vlahovitch is a player in the position of the striker. There is a highlight in terms of body physiology. high energy Able to handle impact well, with a height of 190 centimeters, it gives him quite an advantage when playing the ball in the air, whether it is defensive or scoring a goal. Where can you rest the ball or deposit the ball for your friends? Moving in a good way.

 He is a player who finds himself well in the box. Has a sharp left foot and is very decisive. If there is a chance to pull. When there is a chance to score. The important thing is that Dusan Vlahovic is a player who has the qualities of being a good deciding game. Statistics show that of his 21 goals last season, 12 of them came at decisive moments and four equalizers kept the team from defeat.