Understand what is 11 Hi-Lo and the 11 Hi-Lo betting formula

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Understand what is 11 Hi-Lo and the 11 Hi-Lo betting formula

11 Sic Bo is a betting game in which the player has to predict the outcome of all 3 dice that will have the total number of points. If 11 points are obtaine, It will be call “11 Sic Bo”. But on the other hand, If they can roll Points less than 10 will be low. But if the sum of the numbers drawn is 12 or more, It will be high. From China. Which is known in English as Sicbo that has spread throughout the world. Playing the entrance is: ทางเข้า UFABET

In which these countries have changed their name to “Sic Bo”, where the points of all 3 dice will add up to equal 11 points, it is very rare that there is a payout rate. Higher prizes than other forms of betting, resulting in both old and new gamblers uniting to find a formula to seriously calculate for winnings in 11 dice bets by 11 dice payout rates. It is divide into two cases as follows.

Case 1, payout ratio 1 : 6

If you win, 11 online dice will have a payout ratio of 1: 6. Say it in a simple way, bet on 11 points of 100 baht when winning bets will receive a prize money of 700 baht, including capital.

Case 2, payout ratio 1 : 5

If you win 11 Sic Bo in a traditional Sic Bo game, there will be a payout ratio of 1:5. That is, if you win a bet with 11 Sic Bo online from a bet of 100 baht, you will receive a total winnings of 600 baht including capital.

When it comes to betting 11 Hi-Lo and of course many One must think that the chances are very low because the chances of the sum of the three dice being 11 are very difficult, only 1 in 18 against other high-low bets. Or that Toad doesn’t have that idea, it’s not a mistake, but if you want to know that the 11-point odds have a high 13 percent chance compared to the high and low chances of getting out and not. They are very different, so try betting on 1. It doesn’t hurt if you try to bet with the formula. That is going to tell you. The more chances of winning are increase.

11 Hi-Lo betting formulas in a great way of 2022

For the formula to play 11 Sic Bo, there is nothing complicated to remember. Because there is no fix formula. But must be created from your own only. The 11 Sic Bo betting formulas as follows.

1. Readiness Before deciding to play 11 Sic Bo, you must feel ready in every way. Both physically, mentally and most importantly, financially, because as you know, winning money is not easy, but it’s not difficult, so it’s worth taking the time. Let’s prepare well.

2. Set clear goals That is to say, before starting to bet, you should set goals and plan before starting to play properly because setting goals will help you to be more mindful of playing. For example, how much profit do you want. Today and how much capital is lost? Will stop playing and when the target is reache, Then stop playing immediately

3. Place a Compound Betting make it easy to understand Is to start betting with a small amount first, if not again in the next round, then bet by increasing the amount 1 times from the previous round, such as the first round betting with 100 baht, the next round is increased to 200 , 300 and so on When you win, you’ll be rewarded with a good value.

4. Set your mind before starting to bet. Being mindful is very important. It’s not just about gambling, but being mindful will help make everything in life better. When you lose, you shouldn’t be impatient or do anything impulsively, because doing so will not only help you, it may also cost you everything. Go too, so be careful.

This is also a formula for betting on 11 dice. That should be remember because. If you can’t control your mind and your own needs. Hold the bet it will only be waste. Because such bets are very high risk, even a slight miss may lead to nothing left in your life. Therefore all decisions should be made consciously according to formula 4. But if these formulas can applie perfectly. It will Able to sweep 10 times profit from 11 Sic Bo points. It is not difficult because the risk can be control.