Health problems from gel manicures and how to care for nails

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Gel nails are a method of decorating your nails. Using gel color made from nail polish mix with soft gel for nail extensions to apply on the nails. before baking with UV light To make the gel hard and long-lasting Gel manicures may result in problems with thin nails, torn nails, and wounds that may lead to infection. Or if you frequently do gel nails, you may be harm by UV rays. It can increase the risk of cancer. Therefore, you should study how to take good care fornails. To help keep nails healthy and reduce the risk of health problems (care for nails)

Wear rubber gloves if you have to do activities that require you to be in water for a long time. That’s right. Water is the main factor that causes our gel nails to peel off easily. If it is necessary to be expos to water for a long time such as washing dishes, laundry, or other activities You should wear rubber gloves to prevent your nails from touching the water. Too much detergent or dishwashing liquid.

Do not use the tip of your nails to peel or pry, such as opening the lid of a can. Or using the tip of your fingernail to peel off hard things, a behavior that many girls forget about. If anyone has this kind of behavior, it must be said that it will cause the color at the tips of the nails to peel off prematurely. It is recmmend to use the flesh of your fingertips in activities instead.  Report by ยูฟ่าเบท

Apply nail care oil. In getting your nails done, one thing that is indispensable is nail care. Can be nourished by applying oil or lotion mix with hand cream to nourish the nail cuticle area to have healthy and strong nails that do not dry and peel. As for nail care oils, they can be easily purchase at nail salons , beauty salons, or in general department stores.

Do not remove the gel color yourself. When applying gel polish for a long time Of course, our nails will gradually grow back, creating gaps. which many girls don’t have time to do again Choose to leave it like that. Until you can’t stand it, take off the gel polish or nail extensions yourself. I must say that it is very dangerous for the surface of the nail because removing the gel color yourself will cause the gel color to pull out the surface of our real nails. The problem that will arise is that the nail surface is thin and easily torn. It is better to have a skilled technician remove it using the correct method.

Choose a shop that meets standards. Finally, no matter how well girls take care of their nails, what is as important as other factors is choosing a nail salon that you can trust. Use quality materials and equipment. Because although there is good care and treatment after applying gel polish. But if it’s done in a shop that doesn’t have quality. How to do it incorrectly Nail technician who is not skill enough For example, poor preparation of the nail surface, paint rubbing on the skin, causing peeling and peeling. Our care would be waste. Therefore, choosing a nail salon is very important.