Exercise to your age.

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Exercising regularly In addition to helping to have good health and a strong body. It is also beneficial to various organs of the body such as the heart, bones, joints, muscles, skin, brain and memory. It also makes exercisers have a clear mind. and can sleep fully rested This is only part of the benefits of exercise. There are many other good things that can be gain from exercise. However, exercising that is appropriate for your age will promote better health and reduce Risk from dangers that may occur while performing everyday activities.

There are many forms of exercise. People tend to choose specific types of exercise that interest them. However, engaging in all forms of exercise will help improve every aspect of your physical fitness. Exercise is divide into 4 main types, including aerobic exercise. muscle training exercises Stretching and exercises to enhance balance as follows. Report by ทางเข้า ufabet

Aerobic Exercise. This type of exercise is consider important for the body’s functioning. It helps your heart rate and breathing improve. Helps expand blood vessel walls Lower blood pressure Burn excess fat in the body Reduce blood sugar levels Reduce inflammation and increase good cholesterol levels. Aerobic exercise Along with losing weight, it also helps reduce cholesterol levels.

Strength Training. The body loses muscle mass as we age. Muscle training exercises can help rebuild lost muscles. You can use equipment for training muscles. Elastic bands for exercise Or various items used in the home to apply for muscle training. However, large muscles should be exercise 2 days a week or more. And train each muscle for about 30 minutes at a time. Do not train the same muscle group for 2 days in a row

Stretching. When you get older It can cause loss of flexibility of muscles and tendons. This results in muscle pain or cramps  and muscle damage. Muscle stiffness, joint pain, or falls. Regular stretching will help your muscles become more flexible. This results in better movement and reduced pain or risk of injury.

Exercise to enhance balance (Balance Exercise). People who get older lose systems that help with body balance, including vision, the inner ear, or leg muscles and joints. Exercise to strengthen your balance will help your body balance better. It also prevents falls. In general, This type of exercise can be done as often as desire. This is because some balance strengthening exercises are also include in certain lower body muscle exercises. Balance strengthening exercises can be practic by yourself. The interesting exercises to enhance balance are as follows.