Benefits of guava that is more than high in vitamin C

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Guava is a fruit rich in vitamins, especially vitamin C and vitamin A , which are 4 times more than lemons,
making guava valuable in building resistance to colds as well. And there is also Eating guava to lose weight because eating guava Does not add weight due to low energy content So you can eat it as often as you want. The nutritional value includes Vitamin A, vitamin C, B1, B2, calcium, phosphorus,
and also a lot of pectin and tannins , but if you eat a lot it may cause constipation. Ripe guava can cause diarrhea.

Benefits of guava Fruits are easy to buy and high in vitamin C.

Contains antioxidants Helps reduce toxins in the body. Guava is high in anti-oxidants. Both polyols and flavonoid substances Has the effect of reducing Cell degeneration therefore has an inhibitory effect. and protect against cancer cells It also helps prevent Alzheimer’s disease, retinopathy, eye degeneration, arthritis. In addition, antioxidants have properties that help reduce toxins in the body. As well as preventing fat from clinging to the blood vessel walls. Report by ufabet

High in vitamin C Helps prevent colds. Guava, weighing approximately 100 grams, contains approximately 160 milligrams of vitamin C, making guava classified as a fruit with high vitamin C content. The part that has a lot of vitamin C is in the peel of the guava, so you must eat the whole peel of the guava. You’ll get vitamin C to help boost your immune system. Prevents bleeding from gums Helps prevent colds Plus, wait to receive other benefits of vitamin C as follows.

Cure constipation. Guava fruits contain a lot of pactin. which is water-soluble dietary fiber and has gel-like properties When it enters the intestines, it helps bind to digested food. and makes the stool heavy, soft, and easy to excrete Good for people who have constipation. It also prevents hemorrhoids. and colon cancer as well.

Helps deodorize the mouth. Guava helps eliminate bacteria in the mouth. Helps nourish the gums Make your teeth strong Treat gum disease Relieves toothache from swollen gums and inflamed gums. Guava leaves also help suppress bad breath. Just chewing fresh guava leaves and spitting out the residue will help freshen your breath. Effectively deodorizes mouth.

Help control weight Radiant skin. Guava is a healthy fruit. Very suitable for those who want to lose weight. or are controlling their weight Because guava is full of dietary fiber. Helps you feel full for a long time and makes you hungry slowly Because fiber helps maintain stable blood sugar levels. In addition, fiber helps in overall detoxification. Therefore causing the skin to look radiant and bright